Best Places You Can Go Without a Passport in 2023

places you can go without a passport

If you are looking for best Places you can go without a Passport. It is true that the United States is a larger mass of land in comparison to Europe This means that as an US citizen, you can travel from one state another in the same time that it takes traveling between two European countries. Since the fifty States belong to the United States of America, you don’t require an identity card in order to move between the states.

The US has several territories located in the Pacific Ocean that have some specific rules in relation to travel without the need for a passport. Prior to 9/11, requirements for travel between the US as well as its territories and the countries that bordered it were more relaxed than they are today. Nowadays, the majority of time, it is required to be carrying a passport while traveling although there are certain exceptions.

Best Places You Can Go Without a Passport

You can travel without a passport in the countries listed below:

  1. Puerto Rico
  2. US Virgin Islands
  3. Northern Mariana Islands
  4. American Samoa
  5. Guam
  6. Canada
  7. Alaska
  8. Mexico

Places You Can Go Without a Passport

Keep in mind that travel without a passport within the above mentioned countries as well as US territories is permitted only via sea or land, and even If you travel directly to these areas, you will need to provide a valid ID to enter these areas.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a country where can you travel without a passport.

There is no need for an entry permit to visit Puerto Rico. The tropical island is in the Caribbean located about 1,000 miles away from the southeast of Florida It is possible to visit any time, when you have an ID card valid and valid birth certificate. Even if you’re not an US citizen, but are a legal permanently resident are able to be admitted without the need for a passport.

If you’re living in Puerto Rico, you can explore some of the top beaches on the planet You can also enjoy a wide range in water-based activities hike trail hikes or you can also go kayaking to Mosquito Bay where you can see shining water. Overall, Puerto Rico is the ideal place to go on a vacation when you don’t wish to face the stress of obtaining an entry visa.

US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Island

US Virgin Islands is a country where can you travel without a passport.

This is a group of islands that are also situated within the Caribbean and in order to travel there you don’t require the passport, however there is a requirement for an ID card when traveling. It is believed that the US Virgin Islands are an integral component of the US since 1917, when Denmark gave it over to the US in 1917. Today, it is possible to visit the archipelago and spend your time there.

While on vacation in the Virgin Islands, you are able to visit three of the most populated islands, St. Thomas, St. Croix as well as St. John. There is a wide range of options to choose from; starting with a visit to The Virgin Islands National Park to diving within Trunk Bay.

Northern Mariana Islands

Northern Mariana Island places you can go without a passport

Northern Mariana Islands are a distinct part belonging to the US located in the northwestern region of the Pacific Ocean. The archipelago comprises 14 island within the archipelago including Guam being the most southern island and is an autonomous territory. Since Guam is a US territories, they don’t require a passport to enter or leave the archipelago. Like others US territories, you’ll must have valid ID cards or birth certificate.

The most frequented islands are Saipan, Tinian, and Rota The most popular islands are Saipan, Tinian, and Rota, including Saipan being the most populous island. In between these three islands visitors can enjoy some amazing places, including Micro Beach, Mount Topachau, Banzai Cliff, and numerous historical sites.

American Samoa

American Samoa

Another fantastic destination to take an unplanned vacation that doesn’t require a visa could be American Samoa. The US territory is comprised of several islands and is with stunning sights. However, it’s one of the toughest to access since flights are not frequent and you must travel through Honolulu or Hawai’i.


Guam places to travel without a passport

It is located in situated in North Pacific Ocean, US citizens are able to visit the island without passports in the event that they possess proof of citizenship or have a valid identification. It is among the most populated islands of the Mariana Islands and is ideal for summer vacations.

It is the home of some of most beautiful beaches around the world and includes Ypao Beach Park, and it is blessed with a pleasant climate. In addition, it is home to an impressive historical and cultural heritage, and visitors can go to two warships in the ocean – relics that date back to World War I and World War II.



It is possible to travel to Canada without the need for a passport when traveling on land or by sea. However, either a passport or a NEXUS card is required.
The NEXUS card can be described as a kind of travel document that allows users to travel across the Canadian border using an expedited process. It is a joint initiative that is shared between Canada with the US which means that the process of applying for the NEXUS card is scrutinized in both nations.

If you take a flight to Canada and you want to access the country without an identity card. You are required a valid passport or a NEXUS card which is also consider as a Travel document.


Mexico places you can go without a passport

As of it was established the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, you can now enter Mexico in Mexico without having a passport so provided you possess a passport card and an enhanced driver’s permit (EDLs). An EDL is an identity document for travelers that confirms your identity as well as your US citizenship. It makes your travel experience more enjoyable and more efficient when you enter Mexico via land or sea. You can also utilize your EDL to get into Canada and other US territories within the Caribbean.


Alaska where can you travel without a passport

Because Alaska is area of the US it doesn’t require passports to get into the state. If, however, you are flying with an overnight stay in Canada then you’ll need an entry permit when you arrive in the terminal.

Closed-Loop Cruises

Closed Loop Cruises where can i travel without a passport

If you’re taking a closed loop cruise through the Western Hemisphere and that leaves from the same port , and returns to the port in the same location and back, you do not require an ID card or passport. A valid ID is sufficient. Make sure, however, that your cruise isn’t traveling to other countries or territories that aren’t part of the US which may require the use of a passport. you can travel only those places you can go without a Passport.

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