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Canada Immigration News Latest update to lmia processing times which were updated in November 2019.As of November 2019, ESDC updated the processing times for all of the labor market impact assessment streams or lmia streams. What we saw with this update was significant increase in the processing times for many of the streams. You can find this information online on Canadian official portals.

The high wage stream is now being processed at 90 business days – so well over three months. The low-wage stream is even longer at 118 business days. Even the permanent resident stream so those applying for LMIAs to support their permanent residency – they’re still being processed at 45 days which is quite a big increase than what we saw previously.

The implications of this are numerous but I’ll cover some of the most important ones. The people who’ll be most affected by this timing are those people who are applying for a work permit and are already in Canada. What this means is that if your current work permit is expiring and you need a new lmia to support this work permit, you may actually have to apply for your work permit with proof that your employer has already submitted the labor market impact assessment before you submit your work permit application, this way your work permit will not be approved. They’ll first have to approve the lmia and then Immigration Canada will approve your work permit.

Other implications or things to note with these increased lmia processing times is that you really have to make sure that you’re doing your due diligence or that the employer is doing the due diligence and making sure that the forms are filled properly that they’ve provided all of the required information and that the payment information is accurate and valid in the lmia application. The reason for this is that if this information is not provided then ESDC Canada will actually return the application and not process the application which means then you’re back to your back to actually submitting new application and back to another start time which as you can see are quite long.

Another note – last note that I’ll say is that you do need to ensure that all of your ads you’ve had them posted for the 4 consecutive weeks but to ensure even with these long processing times that one of the ads stays posted throughout the duration of the application process up until the date of approval as per program requirements.

Lastly from Canada immigration news i will note that global talent stream applications they are still processed as a priority so it should be you know they say 12 to 14 business days but you just want to make sure that you clearly mark that it is a global talent stream application to make sure that it’s processed quickly and more importantly so some applications are eligible for priority processing so people working in the trades positions or people who are being paid be in the top 10% of wages in the province that they’re working in they’re also eligible for 10-day processing so it is important that when you send these of my applications in especially now with the increased processing times you do note that you are eligible for this expedited processing so that you can get your lmia approved as soon as possible.

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