Japan Work Visa Program Started For Pakistani Interns

Japan Work Visa

Japan is going to transfer its technological advancement in Pakistan, is running a program with the collaboration of the govt of Pakistan. NUTECH is accepting applications from interested candidates for Japan internship work visa program, .

“Candidates apply for the program online”.

The internship visa program is freed from cost and students/professional workers are going to be ready to earn while they learn new techniques in Japanese companies. All the interns under TITP get the full advantages under Japanese labor laws, and get equivalent pay & privileges same as Japanese workers.

TITP Eligibility Requirements

There are certain requirements interested candidates must fulfill so as to be selected for the TITP program which is as follows:

The Candidate does not have any criminal record or convicted any criminal.
You must have six months of skill certificate within the desired field. Provided that you hold no skilled qualification certificate, you want to have a minimum of one-year recognizable experience within the desired field.
You must be between 18 to 30 years aged .
You must be physically and mentally healthy.
How to apply for TITP?

You apply for this program online. The National University of Technology has had a web registration form to use for.

Click here to apply through online ‘Registration Form’

japan work visa for pakistan

List of Internship programs in Japan Work Visa

• Plumbing
• Heat insulation
• Interior finishing
• Sash setting
• Waterproofing
• Concrete pressure feeding
• Application of construction equipment
• Building sheet metal work
• Freezing and air conditioning apparatus installing
• Fixture making
• Carpentry
• Frame working
• Reinforcing bar construction
• Scaffolding
• Building stone construction
• Forging
• Die casting
• Machining
• Metal press
• Ironwork
• Factory sheet metal work
• Electroplating
• Aluminum anodizing
• Machine inspection
• Machine maintenance
• Furniture making
• Painting
• Tiling
• Tile roofing
• Plastering
• Bread Baking
• Spinning operation
• Weaving operation
• Dyeing
• Knit goods manufacturing
• Warp knitted fabrics manufacturing
• Ladies and children’s dressmaking
• Tailoring men’s suit making
• Underwear manufacturing
• Bedclothes making
• Cloth sewing
• Seat product sewing
• Casting

Step by step process of selection by NUTECH

NUTECH runs the method step by step in order that all the standards are met accordingly. The details are as followed:

NUTECH will shortlist the eligible candidates & dispatch them a letter for interview & skill test.
NSTC conducts skill tests, results compilation, and announcement.

Candidates are issued Call letters & Medical / psychological state screening.
If required, within the next step, call letters are sent to reserved candidates & Medical / psychological state screening.
After above process final List will be send to MoFE&PT for processing and dispatch Supervising Organization.
Candidates are provided 15 days training that’s for introduction to Japanese Language/Culture & requirements of TITP Program.
Selected candidates get 5 days of coaching for familiarization about the principles and work ethics of the Implementing Organization.
Then, verification of CNIC through NADRA is done.
After all above process the Authorities will send your Degree/ Diploma or Experience certificates for verification to respective bodies and employers.
Last but not least, visa matters are completed. Candidates are then allowed to fly to Japan.