Dubai Visa Types You May Know Before Coming

Dubai Visa Types

Dubai Visa Types You May Know Before Coming

Today in this article I’m going to talk about types of visa in Dubai you need to get before coming to Dubai.

Visit Visa

If you’re coming to the UAE to go to your family or on a business trip and you’re planning to stay for more than 14 days then you would like to use for a visit visa to apply for this visa you would like to possess a sponsor within the UAE who are often a family member or the company this visa is valid for two months and you can extend it as well.

Tourist Visa

You can get a tourist visa tourist visa is a type of visit visa and you can stay within the UAE for 30 days but it’s not extendable in order to get this visa you would like a sponsor within the UAE who is a licensed tour operator or hotel.

Multiple Entry Visa

If you visit the UAE frequently due to the business you should apply for a multiple entry visa this visa is valid for six months and it allows you to stay in the country for 30 non extendable day sun like other visas you cannot get indirectly you need to come to the UAE on a visit visa then apply for a multiple entry visa from here.

Transit Visa

If you’re stopping at Dubai’s International Airport during your flight to another country and you are planning to stay at the airport for more than eight hours you can get a transit visa which is valid for 96 hours but if you’ve got a passport issued by a certain country you can get your visa on arrival you can check the list of countries on Wikipedia.

Work Permit

If you’re getting to add Dubai and you have found a job you will get a work permit from your employer this permit allows you to enter the country and it’s valid for two months once you come to the UAE your employer will proceed with the residence visa they’re going to lookout of all formalities you just need to provide him your passport and passport picture then you need to pass through medical test once all formalities are done you will get your medical insurance which is mandatory within the UAE and then your employer will obtain your residence visa and ID card One very important point get all your diplomas certificates and other important documents attested in your home country and convey them to the UAE once you come here, get them attested here as well because if you want to obtain a certain position your employer will require those documents and if you don’t have them you won’t be able to get a visa.

Spouse Visa

Now let’s move to the husband visa if the husband works in the UAE and he wants to bring his wife to the country and sponsor her he needs to be earning more than four thousand dirham sand provide the following documents if you would like to review within the UAE.

Student Visa

You’ll get a student visa student visas are given for 12 months for full-time programs international students have to renew their visa after 12 months if their program is longer than that for programs of less than 12 months international students are given short term and long-term visas so guys that was my quick overview of sorts of visa in Dubai if you’ve got any questions let me know in the comments below and I will try to answer them as soon as.