Study In Russia Requirements & Visa Process

Study In Russia

Study in Russia Requirements & Visa Process

Getting a Russian Student Visa:

Study visa just issue for study purpose, who come to Russia for study programs or enrolling in a course to a Russian university/school.
This is the simplest quite visa in terms of flexibility, but you’ll only catch on if you applied to a Russian university, school or an establishment and can study there.

Study in a university in Russia:

If you’re thinking to get study in a Russian university, you’ll need to submit your data to the university and therefore the “foreign department” of the university will lookout of all the formalities. Then the university will submit the required data to the immigration department and have your student invitation ready in about 2 to six weeks. After the foreign department of the university will dispatch your invitation letter by post, by fax or send the invitation by telex directly to the consulate where you will apply for your visa and you will just get to know the telex number once you apply.
Usually, the scholar visa doesn’t have limited validity, it’s extended all the time, counting on how long you study.

Study in Russia in a school:

If your school is attached to some Russian educational body you’ll get a student visa and therefore the process is going to be about an equivalent as the one described for universities above.
However, if it’s a personal school, they’re going to presumably make a traditional tourist (up to 1 month), or so-called “business” (which may be a name for a long-term visa) invitation, which you’ll get to undergo a Russian consulate to urge a Russian visa.

Seminars, internships:

Presumably, if your seminar lasts just a couple of days, the simplest way are going to be to urge a tourist or business visa. Officially business visas are created for people that visit Russia for seminars, so it’s an appropriate sort of visa for you to urge. Your inviting organization should assist you in getting this sort of visa, otherwise, you can apply for it online.

When you apply to the consulate for a student visa, you will need to pay a traditional fee, which can be about an equivalent as for a tourist visa ($50-$150, depending on processing time).

Once you arrive in Russia, you’ll get to register your visa within the primary 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after your arrival. It is vital to urge the registration done right, so we recommend you to read our Russian Visa Registration page also because of the Status of Foreign Citizens in Russia page for comprehensive information.
It is always the requirement of your inviting party (university, language school, business organization) to rearrange your visa registration, because if they do not roll in the hay, you’ll need to pay fines and should be deported from Russia, and that they may lose their education license. So, check beforehand that the place where you are going to review can provide your visa registration without a drag.

Registration of your visa will be easy for university:

You’ll just get to bring them your passport with Russian visa and migration cards (that you get at the border) and therefore the university’s “foreign department” will submit your documents to OVIR (immigration officials) to register your visa. It will take about 1 week and you’ll have a registration stamp on your visa. Normally, the registration is often finished the amount of your visa, however, if it’s not, it’ll be relatively easy to prolong it if you are still studying in the university. Just do not forget to submit your documents again when the time comes.

Required Documents For Russian Student Visa:

  1. Duly completed visa application form fill online and print with a sticked photo
  2. Valid passport.
  3. Original invitation from the institute/university/academy issued by the concerned Ministries of the Russia .
  4. Original Academic certificates. They must be attested by the Ministry of Education of Pakistan and therefore the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan and translated into Russian language. Its copies should be attached to the appliance case.
  5. University Contract for the education signed by each side .
  6. HIV test certificate.
  7. Medical fitness certificate.
  8. Up-to-date bank statement. If the statement isn’t of the applicant but of a sponsor or a relative, there should be a sponsor’s letter(affidavit).
  9. Police character certificate with contact details of issuing authority.

Other Travel Arrangements:

• If you would like to seek out the most cost-effective flight: inspect STA travel agencies in your country — they typically have the simplest fares for people up to 25 years old. You will get to purchase ISIC card, which causes you to eligible for his or her fares also as gives access to varied discounts throughout the planet.

• Arrange your accommodation beforehand: it isn’t very easy to seek out cheap accommodation in Russia, especially in big cities like Moscow and St. Peters-burg, so read our Student Accommodation guide and check out to seek out something reliable before you board your plane.

• confirm your visa registration is going to be fine: before arranging anything about your studies in Russia ask about your visa registration and what documents you’ll need. If your university requires some kind of letters from the person you’ll be living within Russia (or renting an apartment from), confirm this person can provide you with this letter, otherwise, look for a special accommodation option.

• you are not only getting to be studying, are you? Russia is sort of a stimulating country in terms of entertainment you’ll get, so pack your best clothes (and warm, too, if getting into winter).

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