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    How To Apply For Canada RNIP Through Brandon PR Visa Program 2023

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    Canada PR Through RNIP Brandon 2023

    Today we have another great news about immigrating to Canada PR option for you, always I read it and want to help you to move to Canada that’s why whenever anything new comes in the immigration I just bring it to you.

    Today I’m going to tell you about Canada PR how you can immigrate to Canada through Brandon Community one of the small town in Manitoba province of Canada and as we all know that Brendan is one of the communities of the Rural and Northern Immigrant pilot program right and the community has now already posted the job opportunities and seeking the application from all over the world therefore if you’re looking for a jobs in Canada want to walk here live here permanently with your family that this is one of the golden opportunities and tell you what are the job vacancies currently available and how you can apply to those jobs okay also I will tell you how you have to file an application for your Canada PR or permanent resident visa I will also tell you the total cost for all this process and the timeline how much time it’ll take until you get your permanent resident visa.

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    Let’s get started since this is a pilot program rural and northern immigration pilot program the first and immediate step what we have to-do to participate in this program is finding a job now I’ll there are many jobs already posted on Brandon communities web site from many different fields.

    • Farming
    • Administrative
    • Clinical
    • Warehouse
    • Accounts
    • Finance
    • Construction
    • IT & Networking
    • Medical
    • Technical
    • Airport
    • Drivers
    • Restaurant

    For all available jobs details you can find by click here.

    Now select the vacancy match to your educational qualification just check in the job description where you can find all the instructions & you can also find the contact details of employer like email addresses where you can send you CV along with all your documents.

    You also know how to apply now let me offer you some recommendations on the way to get success in your application and for that the first and the very important thing is your resume make sure that your CV or your resume is in Canadian format  if you don’t know here’s a sample resume template below.

    Canadian Format Cv Sample 1Canadian Format Cv Sample 2

    Another thing is that you know don’t just send a resume always include a cover letter and make sure that your cover letter is not more than one page it should be just one it’s only and the cumulative the first thing important is that what you have to mention is that you know tell about yourself write your skills your qualities what you are going to give to that company how you’re getting to help the corporate in developing their business right as well as also the community express that one it’s not that enough what you going to get from the company important is that what you going to give to that company how the company is going to get benefit from you mention those things about your skills about your education your training and all these things.

    You should know about the company where you are trying to apply you can get the information about the company by Google the complete background company status and everything and if you will get little bit information about the company that make a good impression and also in the cover letter you just tell that why you have chosen that particular community why and also give them a commitment that you know you will live there permanently right you will live there forever and help give the contributions in the development of that community.

    Language Proficiency & ECA

    And after that another two documents you have to include because you are outside and you are applying from outside Canada arrived from different parts of the world therefore you have to include IElTS as well as your language test report or if you’re in France then your French language report and make sure you have your educational credential assessment report ECA which you also need to send theme.

    If Company likes your CV your skills your experience everything right then they will send you a job offer as soon as you receive job offer immediately you have to apply for the community recommendations and for that first of all you have to create a profile in RNIP online on Brandon communities website the link is below.


    On Brandon community website you can find all the instructions it’s very simple and easy to create a profile just you can see here create a candidate profiles written is it just click okay and then will open a new page where you will be asked some questions likewise.

    • Question number one and then it’s written do you have a minimum of a Canadian language benchmark level four in all areas tested confirmed by IRC recognized language test score that is like a little okay so this is about your IELTS.
    • Question number two you have a Canadian high school diploma or foreign credential and ECA educational credential assessment right you must have so yes.
    • Question number three is do you have one year of continuous work experience in a single occupation in the past three years you must have that one yes.
    • Question number four is, are you legally working in Canada or for wages no if you’re working in Canada your can select yes.
    • Question number five are you able to prove you have readily available settlement fund okay about the proof of funds yes.
    • Question number five have you researched the community of Brandon to understand where we are located and the services available in the community yes.

    After answering all the question you will comes to next page create a candidate profiles so just fling your name first name last name your email address your password and here they have our privacy policy just read out of this policy and at last click I have read and click continue your profile will be completed.

    After creating the profile you need to download this I RCC form IMM5911 by clicking here.

    First fill all the information correctly accurately right and put your signature and then come back to your profile login to your profile and upload this form there.

    Now what happens next after you submit all your documents for the community recommendation then the Brandon add an ID P committee will review all your documents they will see whether you will meet all the criteria the federal criteria or not they will also verify whether you met all the conditions of the community or not, not only that they will also take an interview to a video conference call where they will ask you about your skill your education and more importantly your plan about the Brandon Manitoba therefore be prepared you need to study totally about the Brandon the community about their how the communities are there and how the people culture systems all these things all right it would be probably about that and after that you know they will verify everything and all those candidates top-ranking candidates they will put in the pool and they will give recommendation letter.

    Once you receive community recommendation later they will also give you an instructions how you have to apply for a permanent resident visa so when receive community recommendation later you will already have a job offer later then you have to file up all your documents you have to fill up all the IRCC forms they will instruct you all information then you have to submit all the documents by courier to IRCC for your Canada PR or Canadian permanent resident visa.

    Now to know how much money you will need for this whole process I will.

    Required Fund For Migrate To canada

    For This Processor the time period for and receiving a recommendation is until six-month within six months you have to receiver recommendation.

    If you don’t receive any recommendation from the community that means your application is not acceptable.

    After receiving your recommendations then you have to apply for a Canada PR permanent residency visa and it will takes from 12 up to 16 months.

    This whole process take up to one and half year so at that time what you can do that you know if you like and also in your company the employer like then you can apply for a temporary work permit and immediately you can move to Canada.

    I wish you guys like this article regarding Canada PR if you have any question or suggestion you can write down in comments.

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