US B1/B2 Visa Useful Tips

US B1/B2 Visa

US B1/B2 Visa Useful Tips 

Hi friends how do you actually get approved for the US B1/B2 visitor’s visa in this day and age when things have becomes much harder in the world of immigration how do you make it happen whether it’s for you you’re outside of the country and you’re applying for a visa or you’ve applied and you are denied or you may have a relative or a friend in another country who wants to come here but they are afraid they don’t know how to do it or perhaps you might be preparing yourself right this very minute to go on your interview so read this article to get my few tips on how to be approved for your US B1/B2 visa.

Friends first of all thanks for reading this important article I say that it’s important because immigration is important it brings people together and so we’re going to dive right into my few tips on how to be approved for this visitor’s visa B1/B2 can be very tricky because a lot of discretion is at the hands of the officer at the Embassy the US Embassy that is interviewing the person so you’ve got to know that a lot of the decision making power really rests right there with that individual so you have to be aware of some strategies that can increase your chance of being approved.

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That day when you go in for your very important interview to get a visa to go to the United States of America we’re going to dive right in I wrote a wonderful guide about my tips on how to be approved for the US B1/B2 visa.

  • Tip No 1

You must be honest start this way because people lie people lie all the time but when it comes on to immigration you should not lie to the US government if you lie about this fact it’s going to increase your chances of being refuse because if they knew about this thing there’s no way you will get the visa US government has various tools right data they know how to find information about you and so they have data sources that we know about and sources that we don’t know about so don’t lie on your visa application about a fact don’t don’t hide children or spouses don’t hide your family relationships don’t lie about that because those types of things eventually catches up with you.

  • Tip No 2

Understand immigrant intent what is immigrant intent it means what is it that you are thinking what are you planning on doing with your visa once you catch on are you planning on going to the United States permanently or are you planning on going there temporarily for a short stay for vacation or to just visit your family and friends immigrant intent is really a very important fact what that comes across on your visa application and more importantly during your interview the interviewing officer is going to want to know why are you going to the United States do you intend to go there permanently if they have an idea or if they think that you’re going there with the intent on staying there permanently they will deny the visa application they will not approve it your intent must be to return here on a short stay temporarily you’re going there on vacation or your company going there for some very specific reason whether it’s for medical treatment or mainly vacation or to visit your family and friends it must be reasons like that for reasons such as those and the stay there you must intend to stay there temporarily.

  • Tip No 3

Understand the purpose of your trip number three is connected to number two of immigrant intent number three says that when you are being interviewed by that US consulate officer you need to be very specific about the reason why you’re going there to the US for example you are going to Brooklyn New York to visit your mother for three months or the purpose of your trip is to travel to Los Angeles to attend a wedding off your sister and you plan on staying at that location for maybe a month three weeks two weeks whatever the case may be point is you’ve got to have a purpose in mind for why you want to visit US cannot walk into that interview blindly and not know the reason why you’ve Applied for US be very specific and make it very clear.