Canada Permanent Residence Benefits

Canada Permanent Residence Benefits

Canada Permanent Residence Benefits

It is a well known fact that Canada is known the world over for its immense natural beauty and amazing quality of life However, do you also know the benefits that are offered to Canadian permanent residents So, if you would are planning to come to Canada as permanent resident then this article would be of great interest to you. In this article we will talk about Canada Permanent Residence Benefits

The First Benefit

Is the right to live and work anywhere in Canada If you immigrate to Canada as a PR through the federal immigration program then you would be given the right to live and work in any of the Canadian provinces or territories Almost all the benefits available to Canadian citizens are also given to Canada’s permanent residents.

Free Medical & Free Schooling

The most important of those are free medical facilities and free schooling for children The healthcare system in Canada is not only world class but it is also free for citizens and long-term residents Here, you can get everything from doctor consultation to complex medical procedures done for free Similarly, schooling for children is absolutely free in Canada In Canada, your children can get free education till 12th standard, which includes tuition fees and even transportation College/university education is also subsidized for citizens and permanent residents.

Easy To Maintain Your Permanent Residency

Unlike some other countries in the world, the requirements laid out to fulfill your Canadian permanent residence obligations are quite easy Once you become a Canadian permanent resident then you have to stay in Canada for 2 years or 730 days out of 5 years to maintain your permanent residence status The 730 days can be continuous or in parts After meeting certain requirements,

Canadian Citizenship

Canadian permanent residents can also apply for citizenship To qualify for citizenship, you would have to stay in Canada for 3 years or 1095 days out of 5 years The 1095 days can be continuous or in parts.

Sponsor Your Relatives

A huge benefit of being a permanent resident in Canada is that you can sponsor your family members like spouse, children, parents or grandparents to take up permanent residence Apart from that, you may also sponsor other relatives like brother, sister, nephew, niece or even grand children if you meet certain requirements Friends,

Visa Free Travel

If you frequently travel to other countries, then you would know that to enter another country, you need a visa However, if you have a permanent residence in Canada then you are free to enter and exit the country anytime Moreover, with Canadian PR allows you to travel visa free to around 20 countries

Canadian Passport

Canadian passport is ranked as one of the strongest passports in the world With a Canadian passport, you can travel visa free to a number of countries in the world And, since Canada offers dual citizenship, it also gives you the option of acquiring another passport from a country which also offers dual citizenship.

Business & Careers

Once you are in Canada as a permanent resident, then you are free to start your own business However, if you are on a work visa, then there are a lot of restrictions to choose a career of your choice As permanent residents, you can also take up a number of skill enhancement courses in Canada Some higher education courses are also funded by the government and you can qualify for loans and grants Also, a number of language courses like English and French are available free of cost So friends, this was an overview of some of the benefits that are available to a Canadian permanent resident If you benefited from this article then share it For more information or questions write down in comments we will get back to you.