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    Canada Immigration Options & Possibilities

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    Canada Immigration Options & Possibilities

    Today we are going to see how to come Canada Immigration options and how to stay in Canada, first thing to say, we´re going to see the big pictures we´re going to see different ways to come to Canada and to stay It’s impossible to see all the details and every single program but what I am trying to do today is to explain you how it works so you have an idea of the immigration system to come to Canada, so when you are planning to come to Canada you have to keep in mind that you have to reach two goals the one is the long term which means how to reach your PR.

    What is the PR?

    PR is the Permanent Residency which is the step before your citizenship that will become your biggest goalie you want to stay in Canada you also have to pay attention on the short terms so the ways that you have to start coming to Canada, and to start working here so let’s start from the long term and let’s see the ways you have to get your Pros, let’s divide these systems into three streams.

    First one is the family stream

    Well let’s say you are married with a Canadian person or let’s say your parents were Canadian and you can get the PR or the citizenship as well. You’re lucky, it might be a long process it’s not very difficult but that could be your way to get your Canadian passport as soon as possible.

    Second stream is the financial stream

    That means, let’s say you want to open a business here in Canada well, it’s pretty complicated you need to do pretty important investment you probably need a Canadian partner let’s say you can get a work permit for one year or even longer and you might be able to reach your PR Only if your business reached certain requirements it’s not the easiest way it is an option you probably want get your PR first, and then open your business.

    Third and last stream

    Is the economic stream it’s probably the most common one sand you probably have heard before about the Express Entry and the PNP let’s see what they are in detail so the express entry is a Federal System it means that it’s the same all over Canada Except for Quebec, which has always different rules the PNP on the other hands a provincial system it’s a, they’re called Provincial Nominee Programs every single province and territory of Canada might have different needs so immigration Canada created this system to fill the needs, the specific needs of each province and territory both the systems are based on points what does it mean? It means that you get some points based on your age your level of education your level of English your level of French if you know French as well and the years that you haves work experience in a skilled positioning Canada or outside of Canada then you might get some extra points if you study in Canada in a public school for example or if you have a family member that is Canadian or if they sponsored you but we will see this later so we talked about skilled job but what does it mean exactly.

    Skilled jobs in Canada

    Every job in Canada has a code with 4 digits and it belongs to a category and there are 5 categories.

    Category D

    That is considered not skilled like for example barista cleaner fruit picker kitchen helper as well.

    Category C

    These are jobs that are considered semi-skilled like for example a server or a heavy equipment operator.

    Category B

    This is already considered a skilled category so for example we have administrative assistants or we have food and beverage supervisors or pizza maker or cook.

    Category A

    These are more professional positions like for example manager or doctors or architects.

    Category 0

    Are usually managerial positions like for example restaurant managers and store managers.

    It’s really important to understand what it means to have a skilled job again going back to the express entry and the PNP program both are based on points but let’s see how it works better so you create your profile, and based on the answers that you gave, you receive a certain number of points so you have a certain number of points and you are in the pool every two weeks, Immigration Canada invites some people from a certain number of points if you are not receiving the invitation you can wait and still be in the pool for up to 1 year but if you have the points that they require that means that you receive an invitation to apply for your PR it’s really important to understand that you might be eligible for the Express Entry or the PNP but you might not have enough points it means that, you might have the minimum requirement to participate for one of those programs but your points are not enough so you need to understand the steps that you can taken order to gain more points and reach your PR.

    So let’s talk about the short terms

    Now which options you might have to start coming to Canada there are many, many, many options we’re going to see most of them so let’s start from the pilot program what does it mean?

    Pilot programs

    Are kind of trials that immigration Canada tries to apply so you probably heard about the pilot programs for caregivers or the tech pilot or the rural and northern territory pilot basically these are temporary programs that immigration Canada tries to apply then they close it they run some numbers they analyze everything and then they might decide to open the programs again or to close them or to modify them.

    Another way to start to come to Canada is the international mobility programs.

    You probably have heard about the NAFTA which is an agreement between Canada and Mexico there are similar programs for countries like Chile, Peru Colombia, Panama and Korea these programs are LMIA-exempt we will see what the LMIA is later on.

    Another option to come to Canada is the Mobility Francophone.

    If you speak French and you want to come to Canada, but not in Quebec it might be the best option for you all you need is a job offer from your employer the job offer has to be for a job that is in category A or 0 so it’s a skilled job you don’t need to provide a French exam right away but Immigration Canada might ask for it on the way, so you better know French through the Mobility Francophone you can get one or more year of work permit for you and your spouse’s let’s stop one moment and let’s see.

    What a job offer is.

    Job offer is quite simple the employer doesn’t need to have any special requirement they just need to pay a fee of 230 dollars and fill out a form the most common and probably the easiest way to come to Canada is under a program called International Experience Canada the first one is called Working-Holiday Visa the length of your Working-Holiday Visa depends on your Country it goes from 6 months up to 24 months.

    Canada is called Young Professional it’s not available for all the countries but for most of them you just need a job offer remember? we talked about it and it has to be for a skilled position we talked about this as well the last program under the International Experience Canada.

    International Experience Canada

    Is called international co-op this program has been created for students who are, for example doing their university in one of those countries listed and they want to come to Canada for their research period or their thesis under this program they can do the research work on their final thesis and also work in Canada another common way to start to come to Canada is under a study permit.

    Study Permit

    I want to explain you why doing a study permit is so important first thing, if you study English, you will not be allowed to work but if you go to a college or university private or public you are allowed to work part-time and in some cases full-time as well why is a study permit so important? Remember when we talked about the Express Entry or the PNP? well your study permit you might gain a lot of points let’s see how for example let’s say in my country, I just have a high school diploma but I come to Canada and I take a 2 years diploma in a college well, the points for my education will be higher because the college diploma here gives you more points that the high school that I had in my country or another example let’s say I study in a public school in Canada, for two years well, you will get 15 extra points because you studied in a public school a public school you will get a Post Graduation Work Permit the job that you do under the Post Graduation Work Permit counts as Canadian Work Experience and will give you a lot of points for your Express Entry So, see? Study in Canada is really important and might give you a lot of points.
    Another option is to be sponsored by your employer the technical word is LMIA.


    That means Labor Market Impact Assessment are not going into details but just to give you an idea you need to find a Canadian employer willing to support you and to pass through this process the employer needs to have some special requirements and the job offer has to be skilled then, if this process gets approved you can apply for your Work Permit and you can come to Canada and work for that company for either one or two years these are most of the programs available to come to Canada keep in mind that you can also combine them let’s see an example let’s say that I speak French so the Mobility Francophone might be a good option for me but if I’m outside of Canada or might be difficult to find an employer willing to support me so  I can start coming to Canada, for example, with a Working-Holiday Visa and during those months can try and find an employer willing to help me or let’s say I’m not in the list of countries and I can’t do the Working-Holiday Visa can come to Canada with a Study Permit and during the period I am studying can find an Employer willing to sponsor me for example and do the LMIA process keep also in mind that if you combine more programs you might gain even more points that’s my case for example started with a study permit that was the only option I had to stay here through the study permit reach a college diploma that gave me more points that my high school diploma from home then my employer sponsor me and I get the points for the LMIA my level of English was goods I could do the Express Entry and I get my PR and If I made it, you can make it too.

    Becoming Permanent Resident of Canada is not going to be easy and it’s not going to happen overnight but you have to stay strong and motivated but most of all you need to be informed if you are informed you can take the right steps towards your permanent residency if you take the right steps you will not waste your time you will not waste money and you will finally get your Permanent Residency trust me, it’s worth it and you can make it don’t get scared these are some of the information that you need if you want to come to Canada there are so many details you have no idea about but we want you to be informed and to be aware how the process works in Canada.

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